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So many businesses happily (sort of) hand over a large portion of their ticket sales and registration revenue to companies that have created large platforms to make it easy to setup an online ticket marketplace. Giving away 2.9% plus 30 cents per ticket or maybe one dollar per ticket for a total fee that exceeds 5% or even 10% can destroy a business. Many of these businesses operate on low profits to begin with and are based large in part to the fact that the company is trying to help the community. We believe there is a better way.


Custom E-Commerce Ticketing and Registration Systems

We can build a platform for you and your business or charity that can replace the need to use these various online platforms. I would mention their names but I think you know who I am talking about. Chances are that you know the ins-and-outs of what a perfect platform would look like for your specific business. Chances are that you once thought that the fees were reasonable and now that they have become a drain on the business.

We can serve as your development and programming team and can do as many calls as we need to learn the specifics of what you need.

There are also many other benefits of having your own system. If you use a 3rd party service you are giving away the Search Engine Optimization that is created – you give it away to the 3rd party company that is charging you an arm and a leg – and they never say “Thank you”.

You are giving away the ability to integrate photos and results with your registration process. You are giving it all away. Don’t work as hard as you do to do anything less than build something that is meaningful on the web that tells your story in the way that you want it to be told.


Contact us to get started with taking over the process. Team Webier + You = Great Sucess (and much much much lower fees to the bottom line of your business).

Check out a few examples of sites that we have built (and the cost will be less than you think!)

Red Zone Games

Paying it Forward for Purple (PEARS.org)

Webier Consulting helps clients to optimize their web presence to increase search engine visibility, ultimately allowing for more customers/patients to be attracted to the business/practice.

Web Development in Marshfield, Massachusetts

We do amazing web programming and development work and are located in Marshfield, MA.  There is literally no project or task that we cannot do and we do it at rates that you might not believe. Work direct with Joe Capone, the owner of the company to map out your dream platform for e-commerce, ticket sales, sports registrations systems, online stores, etc, etc. We can remove the 3rd party "partner" that you might have - this would be the sites that take a percent of every sale. Develop your own platform with us and you can cut out the 3rd party ticketing processor and you can customize and integrate at a level you might only dream of. Many of our clients thought that they needed to huge amounts of money to have systems built from scratch for the web - many of these businesses are just like your business. Contact us today. What are you waiting for?....seriously. Send me an email at joe.capone@webierconsulting.com

We can help!

We offer professional website design services.  We can help you to grow your business revenue by bringing in more high quality leads that convert to loyal customers.  As part of this we offer SEO services.  Request a free consult today.

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