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Insuring Income, an industry leader in providing instant term life insurance quotes and customized long term disability insurance quotes, needed to attract more customers from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  They also needed a clean mobile site.


Increase rankings for various keyword phrases.  Redesign website to be modern and to also have a responsive mobile friendly site.


A custom designed Wordpress website that integrated an instant term life insurance quote tool and a disability insurance quote request tool.  We used Formidable Pro to automate the emails that get sent to consumers when requesting quotes.  Formidable is also then tied to Zapier to further automate the marketing campaign to increase the percentage of leads that convert into closed business for Insuring Income.


Achieved page 1 rankings for 42 different keyword phrases, all relevant to their 2 primary offerings - term life insurance and disability insurance.  Insurance sales up 84% over the prior year and up 211% over the prior two years.  Leads are coming in at a rate that they have never seen and the automated systems means that they are able to process the increased demand without adding more staff members.  The ROI has become quite obvious to the owners of Insuring Income.

55k impressions per month

84% increase in sales revenue

From the client

The work that Webier has done for us has changed our business forever.  We used to have to generate leads and sales locally through print advertising and through "word of mouth".  We were hunters.  We are now hunted.  People are coming to us from all 50 states saying that they want to purchase insurance.  We can then focus on what we do, allowing us to deliver the highest possible service level for our all important clients.  Thank you Webier!

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