Fire Your Website? 3 Simple Tests

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Is it time to fire your website?

If you had an employee at your company that did not:

  • Sell your product or service
  • Produce your product or perform your service
  • Manage the books, collect receivables, or pay bills
  • Answer the phone or questions from clientele
  • At least clean up your office or shop

…instead, on occasion, when this employee is out in the community they tell a random person or two about your company and maybe hand out a business card… if they have one with them.

QUESTION:  How long would it take you to fire this employee, even if they were a relative?

Fire your website

The bottom line is that the list above is an interesting analog for most business websites.  At Webier Consulting, we encounter countless sites that behave in this very way, unbeknownst to the person in charge.  Business owners are often too busy to do regular reviews of their actual employees, let alone review whether their website is performing.  Instead, they are inundated by people who are experts in SEO, web design, web development, social media marketing, etc. – all with their unique perspective on what is “most important”.  The business owner is similarly bombarded with technical information about page rank, XML, responsive themes, SEO, keywords, etc.  All of these items topics are critical to a website, but they are one step below the most important question – is it earning its paycheck or is it time to fire your website?

To the end, we have developed three simple tests for business owners to give their website a review, without digging into anything “technical”… yet.


“Business Card” Test

If a random person is on your homepage:

  • Can they call you, contact you via email, locate you, and know whether or not you are currently open for business (right now and in general)?
  • Is your brand supported by your logo, color scheme, theme, and content?
  • Is your site modern & organized without being “overdone”? Is it so packed with (or absent of) information that it is not pleasing to the viewer?

Back to your “employee”; if your employee couldn’t communicate basic information, support your brand, and deliver your company message in a clear & reasonable form – would you continue to sign their paycheck?

Like it or not, your website is often your first impression on a potential client/customer – is it making the best impression, a good impression… any impression at all?  If it can’t handle the basics, fire your website.


“Who is Responsible” Test

When a visitor arrives at your website:

  • Does it matter what browser they use; Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.? Furthermore, does their experience potentially suffer on one browser versus another?
  • Can they view it on their mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop (yes, people still use them) without issue? Is your website ready for April 21, 2015?  There is plenty of information out there regarding this, but here is a post on Google’s webmaster site.

If your employee was pretty good; but only in limited venues and refused or was ill-equipped to be adaptable to dynamic and diverse situations… well, you get it.

Ultimately, your website has to be agile, responsive, and ready to accommodate all platforms and devices.  Which means, you are responsible – not your viewers.  Once again, if it makes your viewers work to hard to engage, fire your website.


“Wallflower” Test

Does your website:

  • Communicate information passively? It is there, looks nice, is at every function, but ultimately requires someone else (the viewer) to make the first move?
  • Or, does it work the room, ask people to dance, make an impression and compel people to take action?

Would you keep sending your employee to business networking events if they sat with a drink, on the periphery of the crowd, and never engaged with anyone except when someone came up and read their name tag?

If your website were at a networking event, it should be actively mingling, grabbing business cards, setting appointments, and compelling people to take actions that will turn into closed business and new clients.


Once a business owner completes this high-level analysis, they are more equipped to take on the “technical side”.  The technical side of a website is vitally important, but can often be misaligned with the overall intention of that site’s owner.  Web design and web development (yes, they are two different things) are a component of the overall marketing program of a business – not a replacement of it.

Put your site through this simple performance review, then decide whether it is performing, needs improvement, or if it is time to fire your website.

At Webier Consulting we view websites through the lens of a business owner – how do we get your website to earn its paycheck.  Once we understand this, then we can integrate solid WordPress web design, web development, and ongoing website management that is in alignment with the desired outcome.

Contact us today for website evaluation.


Chrome, Safari, IE, and Google are all registered trademarks of their respective companies and utilized in the context of this article solely for example purposes.  Webier Consulting does not directly represent, or speak for, any of these companies, entities, or their aggregate interests.

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