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Event Espresso is the premier solution for managing any event that includes the sale of tickets. Event Espresso allows for unlimited customizations due to its’ developer friendly platform and due to the great support that is provided by the authors of the plugin.

Built using a WordPress framework, this plugin can easily be added to an existing WordPress website. Full integration with Stripe, Paypal, and many other payment platforms and you can even process direct bank transfers and allow for invoicing and check payment.

An unlimited number of emails can be triggered from ticket sales for an unlimited number of events. With a low cost to purchase an annual license and no fee per transaction like other online ticket sales systems have, an organization can save a lot of money.


Work with Webier Consulting to implement this unbelievable solution today. We have built over 50 websites that use Event Espresso to manage ticket sales.


Addons include on site ticket scanning for check in, social media integration for Facebook and other sites, etc.

The iPhone and Android native check in apps are truly amazing.


The great thing with Event Espresso is that even though it is totally customizable for developers, it has an amazingly simple and easy to understand backend interface for non-technical people. Events can be copied for repeat events. Tickets can be limited to a given number and there are an unlimited number of ticket types per event.


Check out eventespresso.com today and contact us for help with installation and customization for your specific needs. We are listed as developers at the Event Espresso site for a reason – we are very familiar with the plugin and use it every day. Webier Consulting is based in Marshfield, Massachusetts and can handle projects of any size or complexity.

With Event Espresso and Webier Consulting you can cut out the 3rd party company that is taking a portion of all your sales.

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