WordPress Website Design

Work with Webier to have a custom Wordpress site developed for your business.  Many Fortune 500 companies have chosen to use Wordpress as their corporate website platform.  We can work with you to build a platform that will bring new customers to your business.

Every site that we build is now built on a Wordpress platform.  Over the years, we have used every possible platform.  There can be advantages and disadvantages to using one technology over another.  The things that we (and our clients) absolutely LOVE with Wordpress are (just to name a few):

- Over 75 Million Sites Depend on WordPress

- WordPress-Related Keywords Score over 40 Million Searches Per Month

- Wordpress is translated into over 40 languages

- Wordpress.org gets more unique visitors than Amazon.com

- There are over 30,000 plugins that can be added to a Wordpress site

- Wordpress has been downloaded over 50,000,000 times

- The New York Times, CNN, Ebay and many other Fortune 500 companies use Wordpress

- Simplicity, Speed, Adaptability, Upgradability

A site that is built using Wordpress can meet the highest programming and coding needs of a developer.  At the same time, it is simple enough for a beginner to use.  Writing and publishing new posts, changing text on the home page with customized styling, adding plugins, integrating with Facebook, etc, etc can all be done by a novice.

Our goal is to build a site that tells the "story" of a business.  In many industry's, websites were "business cards" for too long.  A Wordpress website can allow customers to learn more about your business, to interact with the business owners and customers, to watch video content, and to access important information, amongst other things.

Wordpress utilizes the most modern security features, allowing you to have secure data stored in your site.  There truly is no limit to what we can do with Wordpress and it is only going to get better and better.


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