Building Your Web Presence on a Strong Foundation

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There are many things to consider when you are having you are having your first website online or you are restructuring a new website to represent your company or organization.

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the particulars of getting your new website off on the right footing.


One-Page vs Multi-Page Concept

One of the first things that you will need to decide is whether you need a Multi-page or a One-page website.

A One-page website is perfect for any business or Organization that wants to offer visitors a minimal amount of information about their company, such as their mission statement, their business history, and their contact information. Since development time is typically shorter on this type of site, it is often more affordable than a Multi-page site.

Multi-page websites offer business owners more digital “space” to cover all the various aspects of their operations. Multiple page websites are more common. Most organizations and businesses prefer to split their operations into well-defined pages that specifically cover their history and their product and service offerings. Multiple page websites can take a little longer to develop, but they end up being worth the extra time and costs, especially when the website development costs pay for themselves over time.


Contact Us Form on Home Page

One of the best ways to encourage website visitors to start a dialogue with you about your product and service offerings is by having a contact form available on the homepage of your website. A seamlessly integrated contact form improves website usability and conversion rates.

This design element is key for One-Page websites to make meaningful connections with website visitors that have more questions about your unique offerings.


Revolution Slider on Homepage

If you have ever visited a website where the images rotate, this is a Revolution Slider. A Revolution Slider is a great feature to help encourage visitors to delve deeper into your site. Since these images are often used to link to interior pages of your Multi-page website when visitors click on these images, they open the linked web page for more information.


Responsive Design

In today’s digital world, Responsive Design helps make sure that your website content displays correctly on display screens of all sizes. Pew Research found that 19% of Americans rely on their Smartphone to get access to the Internet. A Responsive website design assures these visitors land on a site that formats correctly on their device.


Parallax Design

These days, Parallax elements have become more popular in the design community. Parallax helps add a two-dimensional look and feel to your site. As website visitors scroll your site, these images slowly change and fade into the background as the visitor pulls down on your site.


Customized Graphical User Interface

A Customized Graphical User Interface empowers website administrators to quickly make changes to their website as needed. This is especially helpful for websites that are frequently updated with new information.


Custom PSD

If you have a specific Photoshop image you want to use for your website design, Custom PSD website design helps turn this image into your site design. When you work with professionals to do your custom PSD work you don’t have to worry about all the details of how it’s done!


Popup Images from Gallery

Image galleries are powerful selling tools. This is especially the case for businesses that offer services such as home improvements, home renovations, home repair, Interior Design services, car body repair, landscaping and other related services, A Popup Image Gallery allows website visitors to get a larger view of your earlier work and offer “before and after” pictures. These pictures are more powerful than a thousand words in the sales process!


Clickable Phone and Email Contact

Offering your website visitors the ability to click to call or send an Email makes it easier for them to contact your business if they have questions or concerns. The simpler that contacting you is, it’s more likely you’ll have a higher customer satisfaction overall.


Google Maps Integration

Integrating Google Maps into your website is a savvy way to help website visitors turn into real-life customers that visit your local, bricks and mortar business. Google maps are helpful for restaurants, retail businesses, lawyers, physicians, salons, coffee shops, nightclubs, and several other types of businesses to offer potential clients directions to their establishment.


Ecommerce Shopping Cart

If you have always dreamed of becoming an Etailer, an ECommerce Shopping Cart is the best way to offer your products for sale online. A properly configured Ecommerce Shopping Cart can help boost the revenues your established business by offering an online arm.


Build Your Site On A Foundation That You Create

By understanding all the different aspects of a new website that need accounting for, you are able to visualize and create a strong foundational website that’s geared to meet your specific business goals.

We hope the information that we have provided has helped you think of many of the aspects that are key to your digital marketing efforts and success!

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