7 Signs That You Might Need a New Website

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These days, it is important for businesses and organizations to offer their website visitors a cohesive digital marketing message.

Here are 7 signs that could indicate that a new website could benefit your business efforts:


Is Not Mobile Friendly

People have come to rely on their mobile devices more to access the internet. To accommodate website visitors who are using Smartphones and Tablet computers, a responsive website design assures your site formats correctly on all screens.


Your Site Is Not Secured with SSL

To keep your visitors data safe from packet sniffers, keyloggers and other privacy infringing spyware programs, it is critical to have a valid SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate in place.

If you do not know what this is, the quickest way to find out if you have one is by looking in your website address bar. If you see HTTPS in green, your site has SSL enabled. If you only see an HTTP and it is not green, this indicates that your site is not running SSL.

It was recently announced that major search engines are using HTTPS as a ranking signal. If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate and you aren’t seeing the search engine rankings and traffic that you like, a new website that follows this online best practice is a smart idea.


Your Site Has A Flash Intro

There’s nothing more telling that your site needs to be brought up to current standards than offering your visitors a big old flash intro. Not only does this type of intro automatically date your site back to the turn of the century, it makes it more difficult for major search engines to index – or read – your interior website pages to rank them in their results.


A Hit Counter Is the Only Interactive Feature

While website hit counters were all the rage back in the day, hit counters should not be the only interactive feature on your business website. Many business owners have found that having access to advanced analytics offers them more insight into their website visitors than a hit counter ever could.


Outdated Content

When people visit your website, offering them outdated content is similar to serving guests a hard, dry piece of day old bread. For your site to attract qualified leads and sales, it is essential that the information provided on your site is current and up to date. Your site should reflect current business hours, contact information and product inventory, if applicable.


Slow Response Times

People have very little patience for slow loading websites. The longest most people are willing to wait before closing out or hitting the back button is 4 seconds maximum. According to some sources, wait times in excess of 400 milliseconds is enough to make site visitors leave.


Lacks Social Media Integration

As part of a well-rounded digital marketing approach, it is important to have all of your Social media pages integrated into your website design. This allows customers or potential customers to quickly connect with you on sites like Facebook, Twitter and other sites where they visit often. By offering links to your profiles, you are encouraging them to engage with you on their favorite social media platform.

If your existing website meets any of the above-mentioned criteria, the professionals at Webier Consulting can help you with a custom designed WordPress site that is built for performance.

Start a conversation with us today to get a new website with all the bells and whistles you need to succeed!

Joe Capone is the co-owner of Webier Consulting. Joe has many years of experience in designing custom Wordpress sites for businesses. He is also an expert when it comes to understanding the various things that lead to a site ranking well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Joe can help you and your business to bring in more leads through the web and to increase visibility.

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We can help!

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